March 2, 2021 Daan Lap

Canbus proof LED lighting, what is that really?

An increasingly common concept, the CAN bus (Controller Area Network). A standard for serial data transmission between different components. The CAN bus is specially designed for environments with a lot of electromagnetic disturbances. At TRALERT® we have several canbus proof solutions, which eliminate the interference caused by LED lighting. In this article we explain more about the canbus system, among other things.

CAN-bus proof LED achterlicht

CAN bus system explanation

The on-board computers, which are particularly used in the newer cars. Normally ensures that the driver of the vehicle is informed of malfunctions. For example, if the lamp is defective. Actually, the CAN bus system measures the reduction of current from a specific lamp. When the lamp is defective, it will no longer draw current and you will be notified that the lamp is defective. However, this does not always have to be the case.

CAN-bus system explanation for LED lighting

When you use LED lights on your vehicle. Then you know in advance that this energy-efficient bulb needs less energy than the original bulb to give maximum light output. Due to this small decrease in energy, the canbus system will be fooled and will issue a fault message.

Canbus proof LED lights

To solve this deception on the on-board computer there are several possibilities. For example, it is possible to place resistors on your vehicle to fix error messages on the dashboard, canbus messages or a blinker. Often this error message can be solved easily.

In addition to resistors, TRALERT® also offers canbus proof LED bulbs, where the remedy for this fault is already built into the bulb. These LED lamps are called CAN-bus proof LED lights.

Featured product

VC-2701B5CAN: Canbus-proof LED taillight

LED lights trailer with canbus proof solution
This typical taillight is specially designed for trailers. In addition to the canbus solution, the light also features a unique look and various versions such as a cable or 5-PINs bayonet connection.

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Canbus Proof Systeem

Benefits of built-in Canbus proof LED lighting

When the Controller Area Network is already built into the LED lights, this is a good addition. Both for LED rear lights for trailers, and for truck and trailer, the CAN-bus proof solution is a real added value. As a dealer we can imagine that potential buyers often ask questions about solving Canbus problems. If the LED lighting is already equipped with a standard CAN-bus proof solution, you can avoid these questions immediately.

Frequently asked questions about Canbus proof LED lights

What is canbus lighting?

If you get a message on the on-board computer and/or display in the dashboard of your vehicle that a specific lamp is broken, this means that your vehicle has a can bus system. The can bus system measures the current consumption of a specific lamp. A broken bulb will no longer draw current and you will get the message that the bulb is broken.

Is this solution also suitable for trailers?

In the TRALERT® product range, we have a number of types of LED lighting for trailers with canbus proof solution. Especially for the trailer sector this technology is a real addition.

Which CAN-bus proof LED bulb is best suited for my vehicle?

If you are looking for a CAN-bus proof LED taillight, we recommend you take a look at the VC-2701B5CAN. This one connects well to trailers, semi-trailers and small (horse) trailers.