The rise of high-quality interior lighting for vehicles is unstoppable. That's why in this blog, we focus on the interior lighting from the TRALERT® assortment, with our own TRALERT® interior lighting in particular.

Range of interior lighting.

This range of interior lighting consists of various surface-mounted lamps with a sturdy aluminum base and IP-67 certification. The lamps have a high light output ranging from 1500 to a remarkable 1800 lumens. Therefore, they are highly suitable for both interior and exterior use, even in humid conditions. The lighting is also EMC-suppressed with an ECE-R10 certification, ensuring they don't cause any interference. interfering with other equipment, such as the radio. The light color of 4500 K (Kelvin) provides a pleasant and bright light output. These lamps come with a 20 cm connection cable, making installation and setup easy. As a result, these LED interior lights are suitable not only for commercial vehicles but also for campers, caravans (interior and exterior), refrigerated trailers / cool trailers, and the maritime sector. Of course, these TRALERT® lamps come with the standard 2-year warranty.

Noteworthy for the lighting is the touch switch with dimming function and the motion sensor. When the sensor detects movement, it switches the lamp on at 100% brightness and then remains on for 30 seconds after the last detection.

The touch switch is activated when a finger is placed on the touch button. It lights up blue when in the off state. The touch switch with dimming function (113/213/218 version) operates as follows:

  • 1x Press: On at 100% brightness
  • 2x Press: To 66% brightness
  • 3x Press: To 33% brightness
  • 4x Press: Off

The touch switch without dimming function works only as an on and off switch. Questions about the functions or need help with mounting and installing the lighting? Our specialists are here to assist you!

Check out the entire series of TRALERT® interior lighting on our website or contact our specialists for more information.