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Installing LED flash units in the grill of your car is a precise, specialist job. Sometimes it can happen that you have beautiful LED grill flash but you have to install it in your grill via a roundabout route. Of course, you do not want to drill holes in your car or vehicle. However, there can be various reasons to modify your bodywork. For example, your grill may have sloping polycarbonate blades, which makes it difficult to give the grill flash the correct angle. This makes correct mounting a lot more difficult. To support you with the mounting of our LED flash units, we have developed mounting brackets. These mounting brackets can make the mounting of the LED flash units easier.

LED grill warning lights orange

What kind of LED flash units fit into the grill and why is the colour orange used?

You are looking for LED grill flashes but have never added them to your car before. Now you can choose to install these LED grill flash units with orange colour or build them on. The difference between the two is mainly the way of mounting. For a built-in installation with your orange LED grill flash units, in many cases a modification of your car is needed. This means that you need to make a built-in spotlight in which the flash units can be well concealed. In the grill of many cars (including possibly yours) is sometimes a wonderful space for this. The only thing you have to take into account is the connection points of your power. In many cases you can connect the grill flash to the existing wiring and battery voltage. Under building LED flash in the grill, you can understand that the LED flash is built 'on' the bodywork. This is different than building them in, because here you can also use just 3m tape as attachment instead of screws.

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Do these LED torch mounting brackets also fit in the grill?

The LED flash units that you will find in our range are suitable for the new mounting brackets. In fact, these mounting brackets have been specially developed for flash units from the TRALERT® range. By incorporating a 90-degree angle in the mounting brackets, the possibilities for placement are much greater. The large surface of the LED flash units' mounting brackets contain strategic cable attachment points. This allows you to perfectly hide and connect the cables behind the support. Also you can see per mounting project whether there is less change to your car to be done when using a grill flash mounting bracket. By powder coating the mounting brackets, you don't have to worry about corroding the metal.

LED grill Warning lights mounting brackets

What quality mark should an LED grill flash orange have?

The most common LED flash, both on and off the grill, are the orange LED flash. Orange, also known as 'amber', is the colour with which you signal special situations on public roads. You can also recognise the colour amber at LED marker lights.

Did you know:

The warning signal from your grill flash must be directly visible from at least 25 metres? This is the case if you have mounted the orange LED grill flash from a direct angle. If this is not the case, your vehicle will not comply with the correct ECE-R65 regulations.

The quality mark you need to comply with when warning of a special traffic situation is the ECE-R65 quality mark. In many cases, a few LED grill flashers orange are not enough to comply with this mark. You would here at least a LED flashing light, LED flash bar or two additional rear flashes to comply with this mark. If you want to be sure whether your equipment has enough flash units, please contact our product specialists.

Featured LED grill flasher

SF-6000A: Slimline LED grill flash orange with 6 LEDs

A perfectly placeable orange flash unit for mounting in the grill of your car, company car or truck. Due to its very small size, this R65-certified strobe is very easy to install. The flash unit takes up little space, and 2 mounting sets are included so that there is a solution for almost every installation location. The side mounting brackets can be rotated 360°, so the strobe can be mounted either standing or hanging.

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May I use flash units of another colour, such as blue, in addition to orange LED grills?

Other colours of flash units than orange are usually not allowed to be mounted on your car. To take an example, LED grill flashers are blue. This colour flash is used by emergency services and can be found on ambulances and police cars. Basically, these are the same flash units as the LED grill flash units with orange colour but equipped with blue. Sometimes you see a normal looking car, which has LED grill flash units in the colour blue. You can then assume that this is plainclothes police or a very disobedient citizen.

Learn all about LED flash mounts

Suitable flash models with mounting brackets.

In this document you can find all information about the mounting brackets with corresponding LED flash units. For the orange grill flash units as well as other colours for your car.

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