ADR work lights | what does ADR stand for and why is it needed?

When searching for work lamps you will sometimes come across the term 'ADR' work lamp. What this stands for and why it is of value we are happy to tell you.

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A work light for transporting hazardous materials

For the transport of dangerous goods, the European Union has drawn up a treaty with stricter measures. This treaty contains the name: European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. If you plan to transport dangerous goods, you must provide your vehicle with lighting that has this specific mark (abbreviation: ADR). It is of great value that your lighting meets this requirement. If your lighting does not carry this mark while you are transporting hazardous materials? Then you are in all cases punishable.

What is a hazardous substance according to the European Union?

In many cases, the national government understands hazardous substances to mean: Substances that are highly flammable or extremely harmful to the environment, animals and humans. These are products of which the raw materials have been proven to be dangerous. So often it concerns products such as medicines, cosmetics, fuels and cleaning products.

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What regulations do you need to adhere to?

In the case of "a group of hazardous substances", the government has therefore included specific rules. If, as a company, you want to be actively involved in the transport of hazardous substances, please observe the points below and adjust your work lighting accordingly.

  • Your means of transport must be specially developed for the substance you are transporting: for example: Tank truck for fuels.
  • The packaging of goods should be manufactured according to the guidelines (with proper labeling).
  • The drivers employed by you must demonstrably carry the appropriate diplomas with them during the trip.

For the exact rules we advise you to go to the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act on the Dutch government site. Here you will find the most up-to-date rules and changes concerning the transport of hazardous substances.

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Latest changes regarding the ADR label

There are no real current changes around the ADR mark in 2020 and 2021. In 2019, on the other hand, there have been changes made to the UN numbering. In addition, in 2019 there has also been a shake-up in the regulations around classification for corrosive substances. It has also been decided that the packaging requirements for defective batteries (lithium) will be tightened.

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