When searching for work lights, you may sometimes come across the term 'ADR' work light. In this blog, we will explain what ADR stands for and why it is valuable.

An ADR work lamp for the transport of hazardous substances.

For the transport of hazardous substances within the European Union, there is a treaty with stricter rules. This treaty is called 'Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route' (ADR), which stands for: the European agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by roadIf you plan to transport hazardous materials, your vehicle must be equipped with lighting that bears the specific ADR certification. It is crucial that your lighting meets this requirement because the absence of this certification when transporting hazardous materials is punishable by law in all cases.

"Hazardous substances" according to the European Union

In many cases, the national government understands hazardous substances to be: Substances that are highly flammable or extremely harmful to the environment, animals, and humans. These are products for which the raw materials are proven to be dangerous. It often includes products such as medicines, cosmetics, fuels, and cleaning agents.

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Which regulations do you need to comply with?

For 'a group of hazardous substances,' specific government regulations have been established. If your company wants to be involved in the transport of hazardous substances, it is important to take the following points into account and adapt your work lighting accordingly.

  • The means of transportation must be specially designed for the substance you are transporting, for example: Tank truck for fuels.
  • The packaging of goods should be manufactured according to the guidelines (with proper labeling).
  • The employed drivers must carry the required diplomas with them during the journey.

For the exact regulations, we recommend checking the Transport of Dangerous Goods Act on the Rijksoverheid website. This is where you can find the most up-to-date rules and changes related to the transportation of dangerous goods. It is crucial to stay well-informed about these regulations to ensure safety.

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WF-4041: Heavy Duty LED Worklight 'Fristom' with ADR certificate and customizable attachments

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Latest Changes Regarding the ADR Certification (2023)

Changes in the ADR are periodically implemented to account for new technologies, insights, and safety standards. These changes may involve various aspects, such as the classification of hazardous materials, packaging requirements, labeling, and transportation regulations. These changes are often released as new editions or amendments to the ADR convention. In 2023, the following significant change took place:

As of January 1, 2023, it is a requirement for every company transporting hazardous materials or performing related tasks (such as packaging, loading, filling, or unloading) to appoint one or more safety advisors. These advisors can be designated internally within the company or hired externally as specialists. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that activities involving hazardous materials are carried out safely.

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