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We offer the entire range of LED vehicle lighting. This means you don't have to stop at other companies. We have everything you need for your industry. In addition, we always ensure that our LED products have all the necessary certificates and markings. Would you like to know more about what the TRALERT® product range has to offer you? Feel free to contact one of our product specialists. You are also free to view our entire product range online.

LED truck- en trailerverlichting

It is important to us that all our LED vehicle lighting is continuously tested before it goes on sale. All 1500+ products in the range are therefore subject to the strictest quality requirements. For more than 15 years, we have been a reliable partner in the field of LED vehicle lighting. Reliability and transparency are of paramount importance to us.

Betrouwbare LED truck- en trailerverlichting

It is important to us that you know where you stand. That is why you can virtually be sure of a timely delivery. Most of the range is available directly from our own warehouse in Didam. The products can be delivered within one working day at a time of your choosing. Large or small orders, it does not matter to us. The lighting arrives exactly when you need it.

Nothing is more annoying than standing still on the side of the road due to failing lights. Besides the fact that it is dangerous to drive around with poor lighting, it is also illegal to drive on the road without proper lighting. This means that broken lighting can have major consequences. The longer it lasts, the more it costs. To prevent failure, TRALERT® lighting is extensively tested. We apply the strictest quality requirements to guarantee minimal failure. As a result the failure rate of, for example, TRALERT® work lights is less than 0.05%. So you can hit the road carefree and well lit.

Truck and trailer lighting

As a specialist in the field of LED vehicle lighting, we have the knowledge and skills to deliver customised applications in addition to standard lighting. You can think of different types of cabling or unique specifications in the field of LED vehicle lighting.

Maatwerk oplossingen in Truck- en Trailerverlichting

At TRALERT® we stand by our products. Therefore we are able to offer long warranty periods when purchasing our LED vehicle lighting. These periods range from a minimum of two years to a lifetime guarantee on some LED Autolamps products.

Lange garantietermijnen bij Truck- en Trailerverlichting

Choose the lighting for your trailer

As specialists in our field, we do everything to provide you with the best and latest LED vehicle lighting. With a very complete range of high quality products, we distinguish ourselves from other suppliers.

LED rear lights

Especially for trailers

LED reverse lights

To make reversing easy

LED license plate light

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LED marker lights

To optimally illuminate the contours

LED side marker lights

To stand out even more - in width


Of reliable material


As a European importer of exclusively LED vehicle lighting, TRALERT® is distinctive with a very complete range of high-quality vehicle lighting, excellent service and competent technical support.

Due to our specialisation and focus, we have quickly become one of the largest suppliers in our field. Besides representing various renowned manufacturers for the European market, TRALERT® now produces various lighting products in-house.

Truck and trailer lighting

Customised assignments with our partners

Assignments that require just that little bit extra. We like to think along with you on every lighting issue. See here what we have done before.


LED rear lights for the TRILO C30w.


Design LED rear light with multiple functions.


Complete lighting set-up for excavator.

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One of the most beautiful and modern rear lights of the moment, the VC-2000. With its really striking neon glow and wide dynamic indicator, it has been regularly called the 'Audi' rear light among trailers. There are countless videos circulating on the Internet of enthusiasts filming their trailers with the VC-2000 mounted on them. Fully certified and waterproof, of course.

A stylish and robust choice when it comes to reverse driving

It is nice when your customers have a clear lit view when driving in reverse. This R23-certified worklight from the Optimus series is mainly found on premium trailers. With its good light distribution and unique shape, it is a striking lamp. It is also completely high-pressure resistant and fitted with waterproof, well-known connectors. Connecting to the wiring harness has never been easier.

Collaborate with Tralert®

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Are you going to build a new trailer? Let's talk light!

Our lighting specialists are happy to work with you from the drawing board stage to create a stylishly distributed LED lighting arrangement for this trailer. We are happy to advise on a sustainable, good lighting and cabling solution.

It is also important to us that we can deliver to you perfectly on time. We understand that the production of your trailers involves a tight schedule and that having lighting at hand is essential.

In order to keep your production planning optimal, we would like to learn what your production process looks like and how we can adapt our deliveries to it in the best possible way.

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We don't become the ideal supplier for all your trailer lighting just like that.

We strive for improvements in our business processes and product innovations every day. So we can always provide you with up-to-date trailer LED lighting.

We love collaborations and partnerships. In our eyes, you create that by really knowing each other.

We consider a personal relationship with our customers to be of vital importance, which is why we work with an active dealer channel. Are you curious about what it means to work with TRALERT®? Then take a look at the advantages below.



Together with our partners LED Autolamps, ElectraQuip, Fristom and R&D Sicurezza, we are working hard to provide the LED lighting lamps with the latest LED technologies.



When you are an active dealer of TRALERT®, you have access to our technical department. Our team is available to you if you have questions about the product range, the active dealer network or general support questions.



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