Light radiation

DEFINITION: Light radiation

What is a light ray?

The answer to the question of what exactly a light radiation is is quite simple. A light radiation is namely the light that can be seen when lighting is switched on. A beam consists of all light rays produced by a light source. A very fine beam of light is called a light ray. The view produced by a lamp is the light radiation from the lamp. Various terms are available to describe it. Think for example of bright. This indicates that the light emitted by a lamp is bright white in colour. A ray of light is a line drawn in the direction in which the lighter energy flows. If light rays fall on a lens parallel to the principal axis, they cross at a point which is called the focal point.

Types of light rays

When talking about light radiation, 3 different types of light radiation are involved. The first type of light radiation is the divergent light beam. In the diverging light beam all light beams diverge. A good example of this is the LED wide beam in the agricultural sector. The second light radiation is the parallel light beam. In the parallel beam all light rays run parallel to each other. It is also possible that all the light rays come from one point and diverge, in which case the beam becomes increasingly wider. A good example of this is the LED driving lights. It is also possible that the light rays are coming from many directions towards one point. The third light radiation is the converging light beam. In the converging light beam, all the light rays run towards each other. They intersect at a single point. After they have come together, they will diverge again. A good example of this is the LED work lights.

What influences the light radiation

It is a broad concept, but what does the light radiation affect? There are various aspects that can influence the light radiation of a certain lamp. Firstly, the type of lighting that is connected has an influence. There is a difference in, for example LED lights and in halogen lighting. Secondly, the type of lens also influences the light radiation.

Light radiation

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