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TRALERT® Geminus

Lightbars WITH POWER.

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The Geminus series consists of no less than 4 compact LED bar models. This range of LED bars is an absolute complement to, for example, your truck or off-road vehicle. The Geminus series features, among other things, RFT lens technology, good light dispersion, and a clear light pattern. Discover the series now!


All four versions of the Geminus Lightbar are equipped with a two-tier arrangement of power LEDs combined with RFT lens technology. The power this generates is extremely potent.

Geminus 1 | 10.800 lumens
Geminus 2 | 16.200 lumens
Geminus 3 | 24.300 lumens
Geminus 4 | 32.400 lumens

The TRALERT® Geminus Lightbars are available in four different sizes. Geminus 1 (360 x 58 x 52.5mm), Geminus 2 (522 x 58 x 52.5mm), Geminus 3 (765 x 58 x 52.5mm), and Geminus 4 (1006 x 58 x 52.5mm).

40 centimeter connection cable with
Deutsch connector

CE, R10, R112, R7, IP69K certified

RFT lens technology


9-36V peak voltage protection

Beautiful, powerful LED bars

2 years warranty

Heat management

The Geminus series is equipped with ETM, this thermal management system regulates internal heat development. The system contributes to the long lifespan of these LED bars.


The Geminus series LED bars are beautiful, powerful lightbars equipped with amber/white daytime running lights combined with a bright amber flash function, providing extra visibility and safety.

Coated housing

The Geminus series features a coated aluminum housing that provides similar protection as automotive paint. This prevents oxidation.

RFT lens technology

The Geminus series utilizes RFT lens technology, which stands for "Reflect Facing Technology lens." An RFT lens ensures an even light pattern and is created through an LED-lens combination where the mirror lens shapes the outgoing light pattern.


All lightbars from the Geminus series are delivered with a standard 40m connection cable and 4-PIN Deutsch connector for easy installation. Additionally, the Geminus series is R10, R112, and IP69K certified.

Which lightbar is suitable for your vehicle?

The Geminus ‘360mm

The most compact version of the ultra-powerful Geminus Lightbar.

The Geminus ‘522mm

The same technology, just one size larger than the Geminus '360.

The Geminus ‘765mm

For vehicles that want to go towards the extreme.

The Geminus ‘1006mm

The most powerful LED Lightbar available in the Geminus series.


The Spartan series LED bars from TRALERT®. Slimline design, top-of-the-line. Discover everything you need to know about the Spartan series here.



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Spartan Series

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