Over the years, TRALERT® has developed a close partnership with LED Autolamps directly from the factory. This collaboration has enabled TRALERT® to act as the main distributor for LED Autolamps in the Benelux, Italy, and Germany. This emphasizes TRALERT®'s central role in the distribution of high-quality LED vehicle lighting within these key European markets. As the main distributor, TRALERT® not only offers access to the extensive range of LED Autolamps but also customized solutions and technical support, tailored to the specific needs of our customers in these regions.

ABOUT LED Autolamps

LED Autolamps has been a trusted Australian brand for LED vehicle lighting since 2002. Since its inception, they have been dedicated to developing high-quality LED lighting and have been directly involved in every stage of this process. The trust has been built through the challenging conditions to which the LED products are exposed by both Australian manufacturing companies and customers. This ensures that the products introduced by LED Autolamps to the market exceed all expectations.

In November 2021, LED Autolamps joined Clarience Technologies as part of a network of various brands. This allowed LED Autolamps and ESG (part of the network) to continue providing the same service while also leveraging new resources to enhance the customer experience.

TRALERT® entered into a partnership with LED Autolamps due to the high quality of LED vehicle lighting and top-notch customer service. With LED Autolamps joining Clarience Technologies, they can now offer even better delivery times and customer service, which is only advantageous.


LED Autolamps lighting

LED AUTOLAMPS taillights

Drive well-lit and in style on the road.

LED AUTOLAMPS spotlights

Beautifully designed spotlights for the roof or in the grille.

LED AUTOLAMPS cockpit lights

Available in various colors.

LED AUTOLAMPS interior lighting

Well-lit interior under all circumstances.

LED AUTOLAMPS accessories

Accessories for, among other things, rear lights.


Reliable indestructible wiring.

Featured models

Multifunctional NEON REAR LIGHT

The 355 series taillights feature a unique and distinctive design with the sloping housing combined with the neon taillight. The application of these taillights is very versatile, as the lamps do not have triangular reflectors. This makes this series of taillights perfect for trailers and trailers, as well as trucks and pickup trucks. 

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LED beacon bars - EQBT series

The EQBT series consists of a wide range of LED lightbars with a slimline design and multiple adjustable flash patterns. The EQBT series is equipped with at least a Class 1 R65 certification, but a large number of lightbars also have a Class 2 R65 certification. With this certification, you can safely and effectively carry out your work both during the day and at night.  

The EQBT series LED beacon bars consist of multiple beacon bars, each with their own functions. Consider together with a TRALERT® which variant is the solution for your question.

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What does this mean for you as a customer?

For you as a TRALERT® customer, the strong relationship with LED Autolamps offers many benefits. The service and knowledge you're accustomed to can now be combined with the extensive lighting and signaling program of LED Autolamps. Additionally, we can provide you with even better solutions for special configuration questions. If you are already using LED Autolamps lighting or are interested in the enhanced possibilities, please contact us.

Questions or comments?

Do you have any questions before signing up? Feel free to contact our technical experts or extensive sales department. Call +31 (0)316 – 372 346 or email

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