Horpol is a leading manufacturer and expert from Poland in the field of vehicle lighting. For over 40 years, since 1979, they have been striving to gain the trust of consumers worldwide with quality products. Therefore, TRALERT® is proud of this partnership!

ABOUT Horpol

Horpol is a family-owned company that started in 1979. Back then, they designed and launched the first models of lamps, reflective devices, and plastic elements. 

Their current range is primarily aimed at owners of transport companies and drivers of buses, vans, trucks, or agricultural machinery. They also supply a wide range of lighting products for passenger cars, trailers, and specialized vehicles. Additionally, Horpol is a manufacturer of warning lights for emergency vehicles and reflective devices that enhance visibility on the road.

TRALERT® entered into a partnership with Horpol due to their extensive yet high-quality selection of LED vehicle lighting that proves valuable across various sectors.


Horpol lighting

Horpol rear lights

Drive well-lit and in style on the road.

Horpol work lights

Compact size, wide light range.

Horpol position lights

Stand out from all angles in all colors.

Horpol marker lights

Well-illuminated work area under all conditions.

Horpol interior lighting

Reliable lamps to illuminate your interior.

Horpol third brake light

Enhanced visibility with the third brake light

Featured models

Multifunctional LED rear light STRADA

Stunning LED rear light with neon look. When this lamp is on, you can literally see the road position.

Custom configurations are available upon request. 

LED achterlicht multifunctioneel MAVIC

The ideal trailer light with multiple functions. Thanks to the triangular reflector, this lamp is most useful on a trailer. Check out the LED rear light in our range.

Custom configurations are available upon request. 

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TRALERT® and Horpol
What does this mean for you as a customer?

For you as a TRALERT® customer, the strong partnership with Horpol offers many benefits. The service and expertise you're accustomed to can now be combined with Horpol's extensive lighting and signaling product range. Additionally, we can provide even better solutions for your specific configuration needs. Whether you're already using Horpol lighting or interested in the enhanced possibilities, please feel free to contact us.

Questions or comments?

Do you have any questions before signing up? Feel free to contact our technical experts or extensive sales department. Call +31 (0)316 – 372 346 or email

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