TRALERT® cherishes a longstanding, close collaboration with Fristom, a renowned family-owned company specializing in advanced LED vehicle lighting. As the main distributor in the Benelux, TRALERT® offers exclusive access to customized solutions directly from the factory, thanks to this partnership. This unique relationship underscores our shared passion for innovation and our commitment to delivering high-quality lighting solutions, specifically tailored to the needs of our customers.



Fristom was founded in 1995 as a cooperative to manufacture metal components of products. A few years later, the production of universal lights for trailers and towed vehicles followed. The range was continually expanded, and now, approximately 30 years later, the Polish company is one of the major players in the market when it comes to vehicle lighting.

Fristom produces LED lamps using state-of-the-art machines that are distinguished by high quality, functionality, modernity, and innovative solutions. These machines also contribute to an improved production process and provide the opportunity for rapid, continuous improvement of LED lighting.

TRALERT® has entered into a partnership with Fristom due to the high quality of LED vehicle lighting with cool, modern features and characteristics. Additionally, Fristom's impressive production process allows for constant product improvements.

FRISTOM lighting

FRISTOM rear lights

Drive well-lit and in style on the road.

FRISTOM work lights

Werklampen in verschillende vormen en maten.

FRISTOM marker lights

Stand out from all angles in all colors.

FRISTOM interior lighting

Well-lit interior under all circumstances.

FRISTOM clearance lights

Reliable indestructible clearance lights.

FRISTOM wiring

Wiring to connect your lighting.

Featured models

Dynamic LED rear light

The VC-2300 series taillights from TRALERT® have various features that give your vehicle a very unique look while also being functional.

Custom configurations are available upon request. 

LED rear light with fog light

The VC-2700 series from TRALERT® consists of rear lights with various connections and functions. Not sure which taillight is best suited for your vehicle? Contact us and a TRALERT® specialist will be happy to assist you in finding a solution.

Questions? Contact us!

What does this mean for you as a customer?

For you as a TRALERT® customer, the strong relationship with Fristom offers many benefits. The service and expertise you are accustomed to can now be combined with Fristom's comprehensive lighting and signaling program. Additionally, we can provide even better solutions for your special configuration questions. If you are already using Fristom lighting or are interested in the new possibilities, please contact us.

Questions or comments?

Do you have any questions before signing up? Feel free to contact our technical experts or extensive sales department. Call +31 (0)316 – 372 346 or email

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