TRALERT® Boomerang

The new directional warning light.

Now available
ART. SHF-1000A

TRALERT® Boomerang

The new directional warning light.

Now available
ART. SHF-1000A

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The new directional warning light in our range.

A unique directional warning light with 2m connection cable. Of course, fully certified with R65. Can of course be configured to the desired light pattern.

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tralert-led-r65-hoekflitser-amber-12-24v-2m-kabel (3)


Dimensions221 x 116 x 43mm

Can also be used as a replacement for a flash bar

Loss of fuel / battery due to wind resistance? You don't need to take that into account with the TRALERT® boomerang.

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Brand Tralert
Connection 200cm cable
Flash type Directional warning light
Light colour Amber
Voltage 12-24v
Dimensions 221 x 116 x 43mm
Mounting On vehicle
IP value IP67
Number of patterns 12
EMC interference suppression ECE-R10
Certificates ECE-R10 / R65
Warranty 2 years

Transparent lens is standard

The TRALERT® boomerang directional warning light comes with a transparent lens as standard. The 12 flash patterns can be set by the user.

Also for emergency services

The TRALERT® boomerang angle warning light is also available for emergency services on request. Naturally with all the necessary certification.

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