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The innovative company Conmeq makes electric mini-loaders that can do all-day work on one battery charge. Why electric? Well: an electric drive in a mini-loader has many green advantages. For example, there is a sharp reduction in the exhaust gases produced during work. This makes the working environment for users and colleagues much cleaner. Also, Conmeq machines make a lot less noise than conventional miniloaders. This reduces the risk of hearing damage during earth moving. In addition, the batteries last a long time and the use of the well-known fuel, petrol, is no longer necessary. This electric loader is also very strong. It can easily carry 500 kilograms with its arms. This while the entire AS15 weighs only 800 kilograms. All this in a compact design that fits perfectly between the standard dimensions of the average 76 centimetre door.

With the many application arms that the vehicle has as additional options, the AS15 can be used in many ways. Because this machine is so versatile, it was very important that the lighting on the machine was dimmable. There are surfaces where too much light is undesirable due to reflection.

The question from Conmeq was therefore:

"Which LED work light is powerful but can be made dimmable? Also, which contour light can we perfectly incorporate on the body of the AS15 miniloaders?"


Finding a good dimmable LED worklight, or making an existing LED worklight dimmable and finding sustainable contour lighting (rear side) that is suitable for the voltage of the AS15 and can withstand a beating.


Making a LED vehicle light truly dimmable is no easy task. Fortunately, the engineers here at Conmeq had already been testing LED worklights for some time. The compact worklight TRSW12274FB turned out to be very good from the tests. For this, TRALERT® had to provide very little support in choosing the worklight suitable for dimming. Before we knew it, Conmeq had already made a choice that was perfect for the AS15 miniloaders. It was also important to incorporate striking red lights at the rear of the machine. Because the bodywork of the AS15 is slim, we chose the mini marking lights PLR-12 of LED Autolamps.

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TRALERT® is part of Traditech B.V. Since its establishment in 2005, TRALERT® has focused on supplying only vehicle lighting that uses LED technology. Over the years we have expanded our product range and built up a dealer network throughout Europe. As a European importer of LED vehicle lighting only, TRALERT® distinguishes itself with a very complete range of high quality vehicle lighting, excellent service and competent technical support.

Due to our specialisation and focus, we have quickly become one of the largest suppliers in our field. Besides representing various renowned manufacturers for the European market, TRALERT® now produces various lighting products in-house.


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