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Do you have a question or would you like advice on LED vehicle lighting? Please contact our LED specialists; we are happy to help!

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Trailer LED light bars

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As a dealer, you are looking for LED bars for your own range or to mount on trailers, cars or trucks. Now you have seen a beautiful light bar but are not sure if it is suitable for your vehicle. For questions like, "Will a 48-inch LED bar fit on my car?" or "Does this light bar contain a combo beam and where do I buy it? You have come to the right place. Looking at the new Tesla Cybertruck, for example, you see that the LED light bar is also increasingly being mounted in cars. Here, too, the LED specialists can help you perfectly. From LED light bar mounts to roof mounts, our range has it all. Discover now the advantages of becoming a TRALERT® dealer.

What should you pay attention to when buying an LED light bar?

When looking for a new LED light bar, first of all map out what voltage your vehicle has! If the voltage is too high, LEDS inside light bars can blow up. So check carefully whether you need 12V LED bars or 24V LED bars. Typically, 12V LED bars are mounted on cars, trucks (usa-cars), off-road, 4x4 and more. 24V LED bars are mainly found on transport trucks. These are often mounted in the grill or on the roof.

TRALERT® product range

TRALERT® focuses on supplying certified LED light bars including mount that can be mounted directly on your car or truck. Light bars have even been built on Vespas by our dealers. LED light bars come in different sizes and are measured in inches or cm. If you are not sure what size light bar you need? take a look at this inch to cm converter. The most common LED bar sizes are 48 inches, 50 inches, 52 inches and 60 inches. These are often fitted by bodybuilders or truck/trailer dealers. The most sought-after LED bars at TRALERT® are the combo beam LED light bar, the long distance LED light bar and the high power LED light bar.

Why choose TRALERT® LED light bars

TRALERT® does not skimp on the quality of the components in the LED bars. Thus, the light bars are CE-certified and EMC suppressed (ECE-R10). Unique to our light bars is the engraving of the certifications. EMC interference suppression ensures that the LED bar does not interfere with the electronics of the car or truck. Another advantage is that all LED light bars are equipped with Deutsch connectors. This simplifies the way they can be connected to an extension cable.

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