New generation of LED lightbars

With amber / white daytime running lightsand integrated flash function.


The Skybar series consists of top of the line LED bars. These are equipped with the best optics, integrated flashers, and 4 adjustable flash patterns. The Skybar series consists of 3 different lengths of LED bars. Discover them now!



Dimensions: 233 x 52 x 65mm
Lumen: 3,600 lumens
Wattage: 42 watts
Current Usage: 12v – 3.50A / 24v – 1.75A
Light Range: 1 lux at 277m

Skybar 510

Dimensions: 513 x 52 x 65mm
Lumens: 9,000 lumens
Power: 105 watts
Current Consumption: 12v – 8.75A / 24v – 4.35A
Light Range: 1 lux at 692m

Skybar 800

Dimensions: 793 x 52 x 65mm
Lumens: 14,400 lumens
Wattage: 168 watts
Current Consumption: 12v – 14.0A / 24v – 7.0A
Light Range: 1 lux at 1107m

3-meter connection cable with 6-pin Deutsch Connector
CE, R10, R148, R149, IP68 certified
4 adjustable flash patterns


9-36V peak voltage protection

Powerful LED Bars

2 years warranty

Heat management

The Skybar series is equipped with ETM, this thermal management system regulates the internal heat development. The system contributes to the long lifespan of these LED driving lights.


These rugged LED bars are equipped with amber/white daytime running lights combined with a bright amber flash function, which provides extra visibility and safety.

Coated housing

These Skybar LED bars are equipped with a coated aluminum housing that offers similar protection as car paint. This prevents oxidation


The Skybar series is equipped with four different adjustable flash patterns, allowing you to customize the appearance of your vehicle.


All LED bars from the Skybar series are delivered with a standard 3m connecting cable and 6-PIN Deutsch connector for easy installation. Furthermore, the Skybar series is certified with R10, R148, R149 & IP68.

integrated flashers

In addition to the two-color daytime running lights, there are three amber flash patterns to choose from. Select one of your desired patterns to use as a warning signal.



Illuminated with sheer power. The Skybars' lumen output ranges from 3,600 for Skybar 230 to 14,400 lumens for Skybar 800. Illuminate and see up to 1,100 meters ahead.

WHITE / amber daytime running lights

TRALERT® Skybars are equipped with both white and amber (orange) lights. Choose the style that best suits your preferences when connecting.


Deutsch connector

Connection is made via the included 3m cable with 6-PIN Deutsch connector.


The stainless steel brackets are easy to attach to your existing brackets. You can secure them in place using the supplied installation key.

3m cable

You can easily connect the Skybar series using the 3m long cable. This ensures that you never run out of cable length.

Assembling and connecting.

Do you have any questions about connecting or installing the Skybar series? Consult our LED specialists.

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