Collaboration with Laborijn

We believe that everyone should be given a fair chance in the job market. People who find it difficult to get a job due to physical and/or mental limitations often need extra help and attention. Through this collaboration with Laborijn we contribute to the Participatiewet (Participation Act) and the Sociale werkvoorziening wet (Social Employment Act) (WSW). This way we fulfill our social responsibility.

Great support for apprentices

Traditech BV is recognized by the Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (vocational education organization) to be a great company for interns to gain practical experience.

Member of Cumela

TRALERT® supports Cumela both financially and with knowledge. Members of Cumela are very knowledgeable about the laws regarding LED lighting and are great at answering technical questions.

Member of RAI CarroserieNL

The RAI CarrosserieNL section represents the collective interests of manufacturers and importers of road transport equipment including trailers, trucks, semi-trailers, and related products in the Netherlands. Due to Tralert®'s frequent contact with this organisation, we have a special relationship with RAI CarrosserieNL.