TRALERT® Boomerang

The UNIQUE Corner Flasher.

Now available.
ART. SHF-1000A

Flattest complete corner flasher in our assortment

A unique flasher with a 2m connecting cable. Naturally fully certified, including R65. Naturally configurable to desired light pattern


Dimensions221 x 116 x 43mm

Also usable as a replacement for an R65 rotating beacon

Losing extra fuel / battery due to wind resistance? You don't have to worry about that with the TRALERT® boomerang


Connection 200cm cable
Type of flasher Corner flasher
Light color Amber
Voltage 12-24v
Dimensions 221 x 116 x 43mm
Mounting surface mount
IP value IP67
Number of patterns 12
EMC interference suppression ECE-R10
Certificates ECE-R10 / R65
Warranty 2 years

Transparent lens is standard

The TRALERT® boomerang corner flasher comes standard with a transparent lens. The 12 flash patterns are user-configurable

Also for emergency services

The TRALERT® boomerang corner flasher is also available upon request for emergency services. Naturally, with all the necessary certifications.


Connection is made via the included 2m cable. The Boomerang has an open cable end


The stainless steel brackets are easy to attach to your existing brackets. You can secure them in place using the supplied installation key.

2m cable

You can easily connect the Boomerang with the 2m long cable. This way, you will never be short of cable length

Assembling and connecting.

Do you have questions about connecting or assembling the Boomerang? Consult our LED specialists

We ship the first order for free.

With a minimum order of one carton

Available for bulk order while supplies last.

Of course, now available for direct order at TRALERT®

Personal assistance on all fronts.

During your launch, placing it in your webshop, or the installation/connection

A reliable source for all your lighting needs

Get in touch and tell us about what your ideal lighting pattern looks like


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