Your machines are unique and require a unique lighting solution. We are happy to help you with this. Let us know what kind of customised lighting you need for your first assembly.

Better light, work safer

As a partner of TRALERT® you enjoy many advantages. After registration you will immediately have a very complete range of high quality LED vehicle lighting at your disposal at competitive prices. In addition you will not be alone in selling your vehicle lighting. As a TRALERT® dealer we will support you in your online marketing and sales activities.

For any technical questions, please contact our technical experts. They are available five days a week to answer all your questions. You can expect fast delivery from TRALERT®. Our rule is: "Ordered today, assembled tomorrow".

Any questions?

Do you have any questions before you sign up? Feel free to contact our technical experts or extensive sales department. Call +31 (0)316 - 372 346 or e-mail info@tralert.nl. +31 (0)316 – 372 346 or mail info@tralert.nl.


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Customised assignments with our partners

Assignments that require just that little bit extra. We like to think along with you on every lighting issue. See here what we have done before.


LED rear lights for the TRILO C30w.


Design LED rear light with multiple functions.


Complete lighting set-up for excavator.

Why choose TRALERT?

Due to our specialization and focus, we have quickly become one of the largest suppliers in our field.

We strive for this every day:

We want to be the ideal supplier for your company every day. We try to distinguish ourselves by supplying a very complete range in combination with excellent service and expert technical support.

Since its foundation, TRALERT® has focused exclusively on LED vehicle lighting. This specialization has made TRALERT® the one-stop shop for all LED vehicle lighting. The product range includes more than 1500 products from our own brand and renowned international brands. From LED rear lights to LED beacons and from LED work lights to reflectors. You are therefore guaranteed to find the right lighting for your vehicle at TRALERT®.

With TRALERT® you can be sure of quality products. All 1500+ products in the range meet the strictest quality requirements. With more than 15 years of experience TRALERT® is the expert for LED vehicle lighting that you can rely on. So you don't have to worry about a thing and you can get to work safely.

With TRALERT® you know what you can expect and you are sure of a timely delivery. The entire range is available from stock from our own warehouse in Didam. Delivered within one working day at a time of your choosing. Large or small orders, the lighting arrives when you need it. This way, you do not need to keep your own stock, which is very convenient.

At TRALERT® you're not a number, but we prefer a personal and transparent approach. The lines are short and together we look for the lighting solutions that fit your situation. This way we can optimally support and service our customers.

At TRALERT® we have our own technical service department. Can't figure it out or do you need an on-site solution? We will help you.

TRALERT® thinks along with the customer and goes beyond mere advice. Custom work is possible at TRALERT®. Think of product modifications with suitable connections, or incorporating your logo in a worklight.

At TRALERT® we stand for quality and we stand behind the products we offer. This translates into a standard guarantee period of two years, rising to life time. Completely free of charge. Something goes wrong? Then you just get a new product or your money back.

LED vehicle lighting from TRALERT

Together with our partners, we strive to provide customised solutions to optimally equip you with high-quality LED lighting.

Martin Nuwenhof

Managing director

Collaborations we are proud of:



Together with our partners LED Autolamps, ElectraQuip, Fristom and R&D Sicurezza, we are working hard to provide the LED lighting lamps with the latest LED technologies.



If you are an active TRALERT® dealer, you have access to our technical department. Our team is available to you if you have questions about the product range, the active dealer network or general support questions.



Our active dealers are provided with promotional materials about the TRALERT® LED lighting range. The promotional materials include materials such as social media posts, brochures and a product catalogue.



Feel free to contact our technical experts or extensive sales department. Call +31 (0)316 - 372 346 or e-mail info@tralert.nl.