Cooperation with Laborijn

We believe that everyone should get a fair chance on the labour market. People who have difficulty finding work due to physical and/or mental limitations often need extra attention and a push in the right direction. Through the cooperation with Laborijn, we contribute to the Participation Act and the Social Support Act (WSW). In this way, we are fulfilling our social responsibility.

Recognised training company

Traditech BV ist von der Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (SBB) als Ausbildungsbetrieb für die mittlere Berufsausbildung (MBO) anerkannt. Studierende der Stufen 3 und 4 können bei uns praktische Erfahrungen sammeln, indem sie ein Praktikum absolvieren. Wir bieten ihnen einen guten und sicheren Ort zum Lernen und tragen so zur Berufsausbildung in der Region Liemers bei.

Member of Cumela

Through its membership of Cumela, the sector organisation for entrepreneurs in green, soil and infrastructure, Tralert® supports this organisation financially and with knowledge transfer. Cumela members have an advantage when it comes to giving advice on regulations and LED vehicle lighting, and answering technical questions.

Member of RAI CarrosserieNL

The RAI CarrosserieNL section looks after the collective interests of manufacturers and importers of road transport equipment such as trailers, semi-trailers, bodyworks and related products in the Netherlands. Due to Tralert's frequent contact with the members of this trade organisation, we have entered into a special membership with RAI CarrosserieNL.