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LED light bars

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Led light bar

LED light bars have revolutionized the world of vehicle lighting, offering an improved level of visibility, safety and style for cars and trucks.

  • LED light bars provide powerful illumination for cars and trucks, making them ideal for off-road adventures, emergency services, and vehicle customization.
  • Selecting the perfect LED light bar requires considering compatibility, brightness & mounting options.
  • Regular cleaning & inspections are essential to ensure peak performance from your LED light bar.



Small LED Light Bar

If you are looking for a beautiful small LED light bar, we offer, for example, the stunning OZZ XB1 Light Bar measuring 216 x 70 x 42 mm. With six high-quality Osram P9 LEDs, this light bar delivers an impressive 4960 lumens of actual light output. This means you can enjoy a bright and powerful light that provides 1 lux of light even at a distance of 315 meters. Interested in the entire range? Please view the OZZ Lights here.

Applying a beautiful small LED light bar to your vehicle is a lovely addition to the lighting image. With different models of 40cm and 50cm, we almost always have a suitable model. Even a beautiful mini LED light bar of 23.3 cm is available. Commonly, the light bar combines floodlight and spotlight capabilities. Combination light bars contain LEDs that illuminate both broadly and at a distance.


What are LED Light Bars?

LED light bars are specially manufactured for use on cars and trucks. Designed to provide intense, focused lighting with high performance levels of energy-efficiency, they can be installed in various places such as the grille or bumper depending on one’s preference. Constructed from durable materials like polycarbonate and aluminum these bars have been built strong enough to endure road conditions while also replacing regular car headlights if desired.

LED light bars are making a major impact on the world of vehicle lighting. These advanced, high-quality products give vehicles like cars and trucks enhanced illumination for any situation you may encounter offroad or in emergency services needs, making them great for customization too! The LED bars can be easily mounted on different areas of your truck to ensure top visibility regardless of what kind of environment you’re driving through. This variety offers unparalleled performance when it comes to automotive lighting solutions without sacrificing quality or power output.

Are you looking for more light on your vehicle? If so, LED driving lights are also an interesting option to consider.


Wide range of LED bars

Thanks to our wide range you can search and compare the right LED bars for your truck, truck or excavator. We offer these LED lights in different price ranges. TRALERT® has a choice from 27 to 300 Watt LED bars. Because of the wide voltage range of 9 - 36 volts these bars are very suitable to absorb peak voltages. The bars have a black housing and white light, with a number of 1800 to 2100 lumens. The robust IP68 aluminum housing and polycarbonate front ensures a long lifetime!




Benefits of LED Light Bars

LED light bars are a great choice over traditional vehicle lighting because of their increased brightness, energy efficiency and prolonged lifespan. Producing an extremely bright white light that is much brighter than regular headlights while using less electricity to produce the same amount of illumination gives them lower strain on your car battery. The average working life for LED bar lamps ranges between 10 000 and 50 000 hours – this makes sure they remain reliable with long-lasting performance as opposed to other options in automobile lighting fixtures.

Applications of LED Light Bars

LED light bars have become a must-have item for vehicles across multiple industries. For offroad drivers, they provide excellent illumination that enables them to navigate difficult terrain while boosting their safety levels. Emergency services also rely on the bright visibility and signals offered by these lights in order to secure public security as well as of those providing assistance at such scenes. The lighting capabilities supplied by LED light bars are second-to none and make sure all who use it stay out of harm’s way, thereby enhancing overall safety conditions wherever required without compromising quality or performance standards whatsoever!

Selecting the Perfect LED Light Bar for Your Vehicle

When selecting the ideal LED light bar for your vehicle, there are many key elements to take into account. Popular brands, compatibility of parts and mountings as well as brightness should be kept in mind when making a decision between different models of light bars available on the market. Keep an eye out specifically for these aspects so that you can purchase just what it is you need, finding the perfect model will become easier once all factors have been taken under consideration!




A regular supplier for your LED bars

The application of a beautiful LED beam on your vehicle is a nice addition to the light image. With the different models, both curved and straight, you can easily determine the degrees and the number of lumens you need. Make sure you adjust the LED bar correctly by using the included mounting points. Very common is the LED bar with the combination beam and width beam. Combination radiators contain both LEDs that illuminate in the width as well as in the distance. Some models can be adjusted adaptively. These kind of LED bars are an ideal solution when working or driving on the road (outdoor area). Be careful not to blind other people. Many of the LED bars should not be used as daytime running lights. LED bars therefore provide more visibility than LED radiators because they also radiate far into the distance. This makes this type of lighting more versatile and can be used for many applications. We also have a wide range of trailer lights and work lights at our disposal. Of course, all LED.

TRALERT® gladly advises high quality material against a good price

Our assortment contains for example:

  • Curved LED bars (in different sizes);
  • Extreme LED bars (extremely long formats);
  • LED bars straight and curved; both radiant and wide beam;
  • Lamps with different wattages (36, 51,72,180, 240 and 306 watts);
  • Led beams suitable for 4x4, truck, trailer, trucks and offroad;
  • Voltages from 9 to 32 VDC; including: 12v, 24v and multivoltage models;
  • All price categories, for prices please contact us first


Factors to Consider

When shopping for an LED light bar, vehicle compatibility, the desired brightness level and mounting options should all be taken into consideration. Size of the bulbs as well as beam pattern can have a bearing on how bright it will be and its overall performance. Color temperature contributes to deciding what type of tone is emitted from your chosen lighting fixture. Allowing you to find one with just right vibe for your automobile.

The last thing that needs assessing are various types available when considering placement - like roof mounted or bumper/grille fitted – in order make sure installation is both secure and dependable .

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Maintaining the peak performance of your LED light bar requires troubleshooting when issues arise. Inspect and check for damage in any wiring connections to make sure they are secure, as well as looking at the fuse on your light bar to see if it needs replacing. If either is found faulty or damaged then replace accordingly, this will help identify potential problems quickly and easily - allowing you get back up-and-running with minimal inconvenience.

By taking these simple steps during regular inspections, you can be assured that no Difficulties related to flickering or dimming occur down the line. Keeping your LED light bar functional with improved longevity!

LED Light Bars for Emergency Services

LED light bars are essential components for emergency services, and they ensure that police cars, fire trucks, ambulances have illuminated warnings. As a result of their importance to these areas of the public sector there is always an abundance in stock. In this section we will discuss the various types available along with features and legal requirements set forth by using them as warning signals.

Types of Emergency LED Light Bars

LED emergency light bars come in various styles to suit a wide range of purposes. Popular choices include full-sized, mini and grille mounted units. Each providing increased visibility or greater functionality depending on the application. They are enhanced with Features such as multi colored LED lighting, powerful magnets for secure mounting solutions and customizable flash patterns designed for specific tasks that aid first responders doing their job efficiently.

Legal Requirements

It’s vital to know the rules specific to your locality before installing LED light bars on emergency vehicles in order to remain compliant with legal regulations. These guidelines may dictate what colors, brightness levels and other usage aspects should be taken into consideration when it comes these lights. For example, different hues could only be used by certain rescue/emergency cars while there might also be limits set on luminosity for public safety purposes.

By keeping all this information top of mind you can ensure that all required restrictions are met for best results from Emergency LED Light Bars

Enhancing Off-Road Adventures with LED Light Bars

Off-roaders recognize the importance of robust and bright lighting. LED light bars have been designed to meet the demands of offroading, providing: intensive illumination, improved visibility, elevated security. As well as an aesthetically pleasing look.
This makes them a common option for those going on outdoor excursions.
In this section, we explore various types of off-road LED light bars, their must-have features, plus highly recommended selections by thrill seekers themselves.

Off-Road LED Light Bar Types

LED light bars are specially created to produce optimal lighting for off-road scenarios. They can be either spotlights, which generate long distance illumination. Floodlights for wider angles of vision in congested areas or a combination beam pattern where the best attributes from both types come together. These designs ensure that users enjoy sufficient visibility even when navigating tough terrain and environments.

Essential Features

When selecting an LED light bar for off-roading, it’s important to look at the durability, water resistance and adjustability of its mounting. These bars are designed with strength in mind so they can handle tough terrain as well as shielding them from dust and shocks. The adjustable feature is particularly useful since you’re able to customize your lighting setup while maintaining high standards when safety is concerned. These lights need to be reliable enough that no matter how rough or wet things get -they stay intact!


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best LED light bar for the money?

For a great price, the Nilight 20-inch LED Light Bar is one of the best general options in light bars. Those looking for two pieces should check out Beamcorn 7-inch Single Row LED Bars and if curves are what you need then go with Nilight 42 inch Curved LEDs. Lastly, Zmoon 12.2-inch provides an excellent slender design compared to other lights bar alternatives available on the market.

Are LED light bars legal UK?

In the United Kingdom, the use of LED light bars on vehicles is subject to specific regulations and legal requirements. To ensure compliance with UK law, LED light bars must meet certain criteria, including:

  1. Size and Position: LED light bars should be installed and positioned on the vehicle in a way that complies with the regulations regarding their size and location. They should not obscure the driver's view, and their positioning should not be distracting to other road users.

  2. Colors: The colors of the lights should also comply with UK regulations. Generally, white or amber LED light bars are allowed for front-facing lights, while red is typically reserved for rear-facing lights. Blue lights are usually restricted to emergency vehicles.

  3. Intensity and Flashing: The intensity and flashing patterns of LED light bars should be within legal limits. They should not be excessively bright or have rapid flashing patterns that could be mistaken for emergency vehicle lights.

  4. Legal Use: LED light bars are typically allowed for off-road and agricultural use but may be restricted for on-road use. It's important to check with the UK Department for Transport or local authorities for specific regulations and any restrictions in your area.

  5. Vehicle Type: The regulations may vary depending on the type of vehicle. For example, different rules may apply to passenger cars, trucks, or agricultural vehicles.

It's essential to ensure that any LED light bars you install on your vehicle comply with these regulations to avoid legal issues and ensure road safety. Always consult the relevant authorities or a qualified expert to ensure compliance with the latest UK regulations regarding LED light bars on vehicles.

More explanations can be found at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

Are cheap LED light bars worth it?

LED light bars that are sold cheaply may appear to be a great bargain, They don’t offer the quality and dependability essential for tackling uneven ground while off-roading, thus making them not worth purchasing.

How do I choose the best LED light bar?

When selecting an LED light bar, it’s important to take into account the type of design (e.g., curved or straight), size and brightness level. Also essential are weather-resistance, beam pattern angle, watts used and color temperature for a successful choice.

What are the benefits of using LED light bars compared to traditional vehicle lighting?

LED light bars are better than traditional vehicle lighting in terms of brightness, lifespan and energy consumption, providing an economical option for motorists. These lights offer the advantage of greater illumination with reduced costs to maintain them while also being more efficient when compared to regular automotive lighting systems.


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