Definition: Warm White

What is warm white light?

What is warm white light and what colour is it? Warm white light has a yellowish colour and is often used in living spaces. People like to create a warm atmosphere, for example in a cabin of a truck. Warm white light emitted by an LED lamp is always between 2700 and 3000 Kelvin. The light is used to promote people's moods and create a warm atmosphere.


What is neutral white light?

In addition to warm white light, we also have other light colours such as neutral white light (4000K) and cold white light (6000K). Neutral white light is between cold white and warm white. The colour of neutral white light is whiter than warm white. Neutral light is often used in places where productivity plays an important role. This is because the light has a stimulating effect on people's concentration. Neutral white light is also often used with LED Panels. The cold white light is higher in kelvin than neutral white light, cold white light can be compared to bright daylight and is mainly used in places where brightness plays an important role, for example: in a showroom.

colour temperature and kelvin values

Colour temperature indicates the "colour" of light that a light source emits. Colour temperature is expressed in Kelvin (K). The lower the Kelvin number, the "warmer" and more yellow the light. Is the Kelvin number higher? Then the "colder" and the whiter the light.

  • 1900K: Warm light like candlelight.
  • 2200K: Warm light.
  • 2700K: Warm white light like the light from LED lamps.
  • 3000K: Warm white light.
  • 4000K: White with a warm glow.
  • 4800K: Daylight with direct sunlight.
  • 5500K: Standard daylight white, such as clear sky.
  • 6000K: Cool white, like bright blue sky with an afternoon sun.
  • 7000K: Daylight with rain.
  • 10,000K: Daylight with thunderstorms.

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