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Discover our wide range of LED lighting

LED rear lights

Rear lights come in many different shapes and sizes, however, when you shop at TRALERT® you can always expect a full ECE certification.

LED marker lighting

The TRALERT® range of universal LED marker lights consists of an extensive range of models, versions and sizes.

LED stalk lights

With a wide range of ECE-certified and CE-certified LED wide-panel lights, TRALERT® always has the right solution for your problem.

LED interior lighting

The TRALERT® range of interior lights consists of models available in many different shapes and sizes.

LED work lights

At TRALERT® we have developed work lights with the latest LED technology. We offer work lights that perform anytime, anywhere.

LED driving lights

multivoltage (9-33v) LED spotlights from TRALERT® are suitable for vehicles such as trucks and off-road vehicles.

LED bar lights

ED bars are becoming increasingly popular on vehicles as a support light. For example, light bars are being used in transport and cargo ships.

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